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Isla Breast Planter | Iridescent Vibes Collection

Isla Breast Planter | Iridescent Vibes Collection

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*Please note that every planter made with iridescent colours will be unique. Generally, the dual tone colours will have the colours split left/right or front/back. Tri tone colours typically result in two primary colours with a third colour at the back and/or subtly mixed within the primary colours, but we can not predict how/where each colour will present on the item - it's a surprise every time! 


Celebrate the natural beauty of real bodies with the Isla planter, perfect for succulents or small houseplants, such as pothos, minis monstera, or ivy. Whether influenced by gravity, growth, or motherhood, the Isla planter recognizes and highlights the unique characteristics of real bodies.

Isla planter also includes drainage holes and a fitted drainage tray.


4.5 inches wide, 4 inches deep (front to back) and 4 inches tall, approximately equivalent to a 5 inch nursery plant pot. 

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